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So, I have been using the Clearblue® Fertility Monitor test strips for about a week now as I’m on Cycle Day 11. I’ve really been learning a lot about my cycles and when is the best time to try and conceive.

It has been a little challenging this week, however, as Baby R is teething and has been up a lot during the night. This can be a problem if you have to go to the bathroom since in order to test you need to use first morning urine. Thankfully, the monitor has the six hour window so even if I have to get up to soothe Baby R, I can then test right after.

On Day 9, my fertility status changed from “Low” to “High.” This usually happens a few days before the monitor senses a LH surge and indicates peak fertility. This is the #1 way that the Clearblue® Fertility Monitor is different from other fertility tracking methods. Other methods such as basal body temperature charting actually tells you when you’ve ovulated — after you’ve already ovulated. You can predict when ovulation is going to occur based on other signs such as cervix position and cervical mucous, but once again, it’s all guesswork. The egg only has 24 hours (at most) to be fertilized so timing is imperative.

The fertility monitor allows you to take full advantage of that 24 hour lifespan. Since sperm can live up to five days in optimal conditions, the day that the monitor switches to “high” its time to start doing the baby dance!

As I said before, since this monitor takes so much guesswork out of the conception process it allows you to be more relaxed and more confident.

I have been blessed to be able to get pregnant relatively easily, but I know that isn’t the case for some couples. When we started out conception journey before E, I had concerns about being able to get pregnant since infertility runs in my family. My doctor said, that if we try for more than a year with no luck then we could look at other options.

Clearblue® Fertility MonitorAs I said, we were blessed that we didn’t have to get to that point, but if we had, this monitor would have been great. It stores all of the information right there in the monitor so when you go to visit the doctor you can show them the days it says you are fertile, when you had sex, and even the lengths of your cycles. This way, your doctor can take a look at the data and give some suggestions or even prescribe some more in-depth treatment.

Now that the monitor reading has switched to “high,” I know that ovulation is getting close. I’m a little nervous, of course, because I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be successful, but a little worried about being let down if it doesn’t work. Of course, if it does work we would be thrilled! It’s hard, however, knowing that even though we used the monitor and had great timing it still might not be successful. These next two weeks are going to feel like they go on forever!

Speaking of great timing, it was awesome that the monitor switched to “high” right before Valentine’s Day. Knowing that we are approaching peak fertility gave me a little bit of extra incentive to spend some intimate time with my husband. Of course, knowing that ovulation may happen any day now is an even better excuse to do some baby making exercises in these next few days. We want to make sure we take full advantage of this time.

What’s nice is that not only am I able to find out my fertility status each day but can also input whether we have had sex or not. That way, during the two week wait, I can look back over the statistics and obsess over whether or not I might be pregnant! This is the part where my husband rolls his eyes. He thinks its all a little crazy, but he is completely supportive.

I’m excited to see if we are actually successful this month. Of course, I’m also realistic and know that even with perfect timing it doesn’t guarantee success. This monitor for sure makes perfecting that timing easier though. Even if we aren’t successful this month, I know that with the fertility monitor we will have just as strong of a chance next month.

If you haven’t already, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my #BabyMakingDays journey.

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