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Diaper Rash is one of those ailments that every parent dreads, but is pretty much inevitable. Unfortunately for me, my son inherited my sensitive skin, which means that war are often dealing with diaper rash. This is when a product such as Pinxav comes in handy!

Pronounced “pink salve,” Pinxav was developed in 1927 by Milford Harris, a Cleveland pharmacist who was searching for a way to cure his own children’s diaper rash.

I was curious about this product, so as soon as I received the tube that Pinxav sent me, I put it to work! Like many other diaper rash creams, the active ingredient is zinc oxide, but unlike other creams it also includes aloe, lanolin, vitamin E, menthol, and other natural ingredients.

It's Pink!
It’s Pink!

The cream is actually pink! I have seen white and clay colored diaper creams before but never an actual color. It has a really pleasant smell, and actually reminded me of those pink candies that my grandfather used to eat.

In addition to curing diaper rash, Pinxav can also be used for acne, chaffed skin, poison oak and poison ivy, and minor burns, and because this product is made from natural ingredients you can even use it for chapped lips!

After using this just a few times on E, his diaper rash seemed to greatly improve! Of course, I still have to use diaper creams on him on a regular basis, but at least that is better than raw rashes.

Pinxav is available at independent drug stores and pharmacies; Amazon; and large retailers such as Discount Drug Mart, Giant Eagle, Buehler’s, and Acme Fresh Market.

For more information about Pinxav, check out their website or Facebook page.

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