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R is only going to be 10 months old this Christmas, so shopping for him is a little difficult. This is compounded by the fact that since R is only 26 months younger than E, we still have many of E’s toys and clothes making finding something special for R difficult.

R, unlike E, uses a pacifier. Pretty early on he decided that he liked MAM pacifiers and I was so excited because their pacifiers are just so doggone cute. MAM makes all sorts of different holiday-themed pacifiers too. We always get so many comments about how cute they are, and I love how many styles to choose from. 

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Right now, MAM has special winter and holiday-themed pacifiers. They come in two 2-packs for only $9.95. Considering a 2-pack usually costs $7.49, this is a phenomenal deal. Plus, I am loving the snowflake pacifiers!

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If you are looking for something a little more personal for either a holiday gift or maybe even a baby shower gift, check out the MAM personalized pacifiers. I honestly have never seen something like this and I was so excited to get some of these for R. 

You’re first step is to choose whether you want the 6+ month pacifiers or the 0-6 month pacifiers. From there you can pick the pacifier color, the font, and what you want the pacifier to say. You can add your own personalized message with maybe your child’s nickname, a special phrase, or even something funny. 

These make such cute gifts, and they are pretty reasonably priced too. You can get a 2-pack for $19.95, a 4-pack for $24.95, or even a 6-pack for $29.95 and it includes free shipping.

These are fabulous stocking stuffers and I highly recommend this for any parent whose little ones love MAM!

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