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We recently undertook the process of finally organizing our laundry room. Before, it had been just this room where everything was thrown that didn’t seem to have a place elsewhere.

One of the things that I was having the hardest time trying to figure out was where to store was all of my brooms, mops, and other floor tools. Before they were just leaning in corners and would always be falling all over the floor. I don’t have a lot of excess room and was trying to find a good way to store them, and then I came up with this idea.

Almost all mops, brooms, or stick vacuums have a hole at the top. What I did was buy a roll of cute ribbon at Joann Fabrics and cut strips just big enough that they could be looped through the hole. I then tied a knot in the ribbon.

When we moved from our old house we took an on the wall coat rack that had been on our basement wall with us. It was just laying in the, of course, laundry room, collecting dust. That’s when I decided to repurpose it!

The rack had originally been brown, but that wouldn’t really match the decor of the new laundry room since we were planning on putting in white cabinets and we have a white washer and dryer. So, I unscrewed all of the hooks so that all I had was the plain piece of wood.

I then repainted it using white chalk paint. The repainting will take several coats in order to completely cover up any of the original color.

After the rack has been repainted and the paint has dried, you can reattach the hardware. Then, all you have to do is mount it to the wall and you have a great place to hang mops, brooms, and stick vacuums. The best part is that it only takes up a very small amount of space!

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