Sonogram I Knew I Loved You

Dear E,

When your daddy and I found out I was pregnant with you, we were so excited. It was a little scary, but knew that we were up for the challenge. Of course, we had to wait until you were 18 weeks along in order to find out if you were a girl or a boy. I was dying to find out. I was sooo ready to start buying you clothes and decorate your nursery.

28 week ultrasound

The day that we had our ultrasound you were being ornery. The technician had to tilt the table the WHOLE way back until I was almost standing on my head in order to check your “parts.” When she told me that you were going to be a boy I actually panicked a little.

A boy? But I don’t know anything about boys!

Growing up it was only Aunt B and I, so I was used to ribbons, fancy pants bloomers, and frilly dresses. I didn’t know anything about how to dress a boy, how to play with a boy, or even how to bath or diaper a boy.


I had no idea that this little boy would change my life forever.

E, you are the most amazing little boy I have met. You are sweet, loving, and provide so many laughs. In addition to making me laugh, I just love the sound of your giggles. It is too cute.

Mom and Son Photo

You have become my best friend. In fact, in your 14 months I have only ever spent one night away from you. I look forward to teaching you new things and watching you grow into an incredible little man. It is hard to believe that I ever worried about how to take care of a boy!

Love Always and Forever,



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