Community projects are vitally important in any community. Whether it be building playgrounds, beautifying parks, or helping the less fortunate, it is through the donation of both people’s time and money that these sort of projects are possible. 

Over the past week an example of one of these impromptu projects has emerged here in my own town. In 1991, during Operation Desert Storm, 13 members of the 14th Quartermaster Army Reserve Unit were killed when an Iraqi SCUD missile hit their makeshift barracks. After the war, a monument to that unit, and most importantly those who were killed, was dedicated outside of the Army Reserve building.

Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh  Post Gazette
Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh
Post Gazette

In the 23 years since the memorial was dedicated it seems people have forgotten that the monument even existed. However, over the past week, several local Marines stopped by the monument only to find it overgrown with weeds and in general disrepair. Once this knowledge became public, community volunteers as well as local businesses stepped up to repair the monument by pulling weeks, washing stone, and donating money or landscaping supplies. There’s still work to be done, but hopefully the monument will be back to its proper (and respectful) state by the 25th anniversary of the attack which is in February.

unnamed-25It’s because of community projects such as this one that Huggies has developed the #UltraHug Selfie Contest. This contest celebrates the new Huggies Snug N Dry Ultra diapers which are available exclusively at Walmart. These diapers provide your little ones up to 12 hours of leak protection and are available in sizes newborn to size 5!

There are so many community projects out there that could use a little boost and that’s where this Huggies contest could really help out! From now until June 25th, Huggies will be accepting all selfies of you and your baby with the hashtag #UltraHug, and featuring them in a collage on the campaign landing page. On July 6th, voting will begin to narrow down the 20 finalists to 10 winners who will win a $2,000 grant from Huggies for their nominated community initiative.

It’s because of this amazing sacrifice that the men and women of the 14th Quartermaster Unit made 24 years ago and the fact that $2,000 could go a long way to help restore the monument that I am nominating the 14th Quartermaster Army Reserve Unit monument for the Huggies #UltraHug grant. 

Have you nominated your community project yet?

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