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Do you struggle with getting your kids to develop healthy oral care habits? (Ok, I’m glad we aren’t the only ones!) Ever since E got teeth, I’ve been trying to teach him the importance of brushing his teeth twice a day. While I have been working to teach E these healthy habits, it seems that N has been forgetting them!

For some reason, it seems that once kids become teenagers (or preteens for that matter) that they forget everything that they have previously learned. Often, we find ourselves reminding N that he needs to brush and floss his teeth and use mouthwash. The problem is, with three kids running around, it can be easy to forget whether we asked him.  I’m sure that we are not the only parents who are experiencing this.

Thankfully, LISTERINE makes products that are not only convenient, but fun to use. One of the products that N likes the most is the LISTERINE Smart Rinse. This is the perfect way to complete your child’s brushing routine. We have been encouraging N to use this mouthwash after regular brushing and flossing to help eliminate food particles he may have missed as well as preventing cavities even in hard to reach places. What is even better is that the LISTERINE Smart Rinse keeps your kids from not using too much.

If you have kids, you also know that they tend to overuse things. Instead of just a dime-sized amount of body wash, they use a quarter of the bottle. Instead of a tiny bit of mouthwash, they use a whole glass. With the LISTERINE Smart Rinse, your kids aren’t able to use too much since the bottle actually measures out the correct amount for you! All you do is squeeze the front and back of the bottle to the fill line, and any excess drains back down into the bottle.


In addition to the Smart Rinse, LISTERINE offers a large line of oral care products to fit your family’s oral care needs. Two of my favorites are the Ultra Clean Access Flosser as well as the POCKETPAKS Cool Mints.

The flosser is perfect to use with E. This flosser uses a handle similar to that of a toothbrush, which gives you more control. When you are trying to get food out of a 3-year-old’s teeth you want as much control as possible. It also features a snap-on/snap-off head for easy changing.

For myself, I love the POCKETPAKS. They are small enough to slip in my pocket and I can use them to freshen my breath wherever I go.

As I said before, kids tend to easily “forget” to do things unless you are constantly reminding them. That’s why I made this handy, printable chart that you can hang in your bathroom to help your kids remember to brush, floss, and use mouthwash. You can print this out and hang it on the door of the medicine cabinet or tape it to the mirror. Your kids can then check off whether they brushed, flossed, or used mouthwash. Another clever idea is to laminate the checklist and then your kids can put stickers on each activity they complete!

Love Your Mouth
To Download this Printable click HERE

You can learn more about LISTERINE and the products they offer on their YouTube channel.

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