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LivRelief_TitleLast weekend we moved. This wasn’t the kind where you call a moving company either. This was the kind where we rented a truck, got a group of friends and family together, and moved my house.

The scope of this move sort of made me rethink some of my furniture choices. I had bought the furniture based on it’s quality, not thinking about the fact that those solid wood pieces weighed a ton! Plus, I just had a lot of stuff.

My house wasn’t tiny either. It was the full four bedrooms, plus a garage and basement. This all translated into a full day of lifting furniture, hauling boxes, and loading and unloading the moving truck. Needless to say, by the end of the day we were tired — tired and sore!

I felt as if every muscle and every joint in my body hurt. My back and shoulders ached and my knees were swollen and stiff.

ApplyingLivReliefI tend to be somewhat skeptical of some topical pain relievers as I am always worried about what is in them. Plus, since I am very sensitive to strong smells so I can only use certain products. This is why when I recently discovered LivRelief™ and I was curious to try it.

LivRelief BoxLivRelief™ contains over 90 percent natural ingredients, is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, meaning I can feel confident putting it on my skin. The ingredients are sourced primarily from Nordic and European countries, which have among the world’s highest standards for environmental protection.

Another thing that I love about LivRelief™ is that unlike some other products that have a strong smell when applied, LivRelief™ only has a pleasant, faint fragrance.

LivRelief DelivraLivRelief™ products are the only ones that use Delivra™, a patent-pending transdermal delivery system. Using naturally derived ingredients, delivra™ penetrates deep into the layers of skin and tissue in order to transport the active ingredients to the site of your pain.

After that weekend of moving, my tube of LivRelief™ definitely came in handy. In fact, everyone in the family was wanting to use it since we were all exhausted and sore! Not only did it work, but I also felt confident using it!

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