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Blushing Strawberry Candy CocktailI absolutely love when I have an opportunity to go out for a Moms’ Night Out. Having time to sit and relax with a cocktail and chat without having to chase after and referee kids.

In fact, my friends and I enjoy our Moms’ Nights Out so much that we have tried to make it a monthly thing. One of the things that we enjoy is making custom drinks for each other.

One of my favorite drinks to make for my friends is my Blushing Strawberry Candy Cocktail. This drink is not only refreshing but is also fruity and fun. It only requires three ingredients, and its perfect for making in large quantities to treat a whole group of guests.

Lemon lime soda in glass pitcherBegin by filling a pitcher halfway with lemon-lime soda.

Next, fill the other half of the pitcher with strawberry lemonade drink mix.

lemonadewithvodkaAdd in several shots of strawberry lemonade vodka and garnish with several slices of fresh lemon.

drinkpitcherwithlemonsHave fun serving this drink in a tall glass, pink paper straw, and some strawberry candy chews. So delicious!

The girls and I had a great time drinking this pitcher, but the truth of the matter is the even if I have a drink or two, the next day I have to be back on my “Mom A-Game.”

glassandpitcherThis is why I rely on Never Too Hungover Prevention and Boost. This is a healthy vitamin blend that helps to neutralize toxins, restore vital nutrients, and hydrate the body and prevent or recover from the negative effects of a hangover — plus it ta

neverhungoverbottlesThere are two versions of the Never Too Hungover Prevention and Boost. The prevention formula which must be consumed before or while drinking to prevent a hangover. The Boost formula can be consumed before or while drinking, or even the day after to recover from or prevent a hangover.

Never Too Hungover is sugar free, gluten free, and low calorie (7 calories per serving) as well. It is comprised of Vitamin B, Potassium, Electrolytes, Milk Thistle, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera, and Gotu Kola; but unlike Prevention which has no added caffeine, Boost contains natural caffeine and double B-12.

What is really great is that Never Too Hungover Boost can be used even if you haven’t been drinking — it is great as an energy drink too!

If you want to check out Never Too Hungover for yourself, and you live in the Houston (October 27 to 30, November 3 to 6) or Dallas (October 27 to 30; November 3 to 6; November 10 to 13) areas be sure to check out the Never Too Hungover Road Show.

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