The other night I realized that this year Mike and I will have been together for 9 years. 9 years!

A lot has changed since we started dating. I can definitely say that I have changed since I was 23. Over the years, not only have Mike and I become increasingly more comfortable but our romantic life has also become more comfortable. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’ve come up with a list of 3 ways to keep the marriage magic alive.

A newly married couple is kissing under a street lamp.Date Your Spouse. Remember when you and your spouse were dating that after each date you couldn’t wait for the next date? You would spend hours on the phone just getting to know each other. For most couples, nowadays “date night” often means dinner and maybe a movie. The problem is that “date night” conversation actually isn’t much different than everyday conversation.

Instead of talking about what the kids did in school that day, what bills need paid, or your next home improvement project. Instead, spend that time connecting with your spouse. Find out more about what their dreams and goals are, and even what they hope for the future.

Discover your love language. Often after being married for number of years, we tend to feel neglected which can then lead to loneliness or discontentment. What many people don’t realize is that that there are different “love languages”, or ways that people respond to showing love. There are five love languages including:

  • physical touch
  • gifts
  • words of affirmation
  • quality time
  • acts of service

Take time to find out what your partner’s love language is and try to fulfill those needs. To find out more about the love languages, check out the 5 Love Languages book by Gary Chapman.

FieraPicture2Enhance Your Sex Life. Let’s face it after years together, and in our case two kids, sex can become a little routine also. We can easily fall victim to allowing things to become bland. Instead, try to step out of your comfort zone. Try something new. Don’t be afraid. You might end up laughing, but in the end it will help you connect.

One way to enhance your relationship in the bedroom department is with the Fiera. Fiera is designed for “Before-Play”. It is used for several minutes before sex to help enhance arousal and interest in sex. Right now, you can check out Fiera by taking $50 off the purchase price and receiving free shipping. Additionally, you can sign up for the Relationship Refresh newsletter which includes 10 daily tips with ideas to respark your relationship intimacy.

After all, isn’t your marriage worth it?

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