As a first time mom I am always worried about how environmental hazards may affect my son. When I was pregnant, I stopped using harsh bleaches and used environmentally friendly products. I began to to be more concerned about the environment. I was pretty wishy-washy in the past about recycling and doing things to reduce my carbon footprint. Now once I was pregnant, I wanted to make sure that the planet that I would be leaving to my son was a healthy one.

This continued even after E was born. I would analyze everything that I gave him. Would this be healthy? Does this have any adverse side effects? I wanted to make sure that I used products that were not only friendly to the environment, but that would also be sensitive for his delicate skin.

This is when products like Live Clean Baby are lifesavers! The Live Clean brand uses only natural, non-irritating, plant-based ingredients. In addition, Live Clean Baby is vegan with no animal ingredients used in the formula. And, as if it couldn’t get better, the products have not been tested on animals and are phosphate free.

Even the packaging is earth friendly. The containers are recyclable and are made from “virgin” materials which make them easier to recycle. The shipping cartons are made from recycled materials and the inks used on the shipping cartons are environmentally friendly.

The Live Clean Baby line includes the following products:

  • Tearless shampoo and wash
  • Moisturizing baby bath
  • Moisturizing baby lotion
  • Non-petroleum jelly
  • Diaper ointment
  • Moisturizing bar soap

There have been so many instances where I am glad that these products are so ecofriendly. E loves taking a bath, but now that he is almost 1 he likes “swimming” in the tub. This also involves sucking on his bath toys or even drinking the water (gross!). Although it sort of grosses me out, at least I know that whatever he is taking in isn’t going to hurt him.

The same goes for the baby lotion and the non-petroleum jelly. E often gets dry skin, but I always worry that he is going to put his hands, or his feet, or his arm for that matter in his mouth and ingest the lotion. Another instance was when E had his last cold. His nose was running and was so raw looking. I didn’t want to use regular Vaseline petroleum jelly because I was worried he would lick it off and I didn’t know if it was safe. Now, I was able to put it on his nose and not worry.

These products are exclusively available at Walgreens and


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