Breastfeeding can be one of those sensitive issues. Some moms are completely OK with breastfeeding in public, and that’s great! Then, there are other moms who may feel a little uncomfortable breastfeeding in public, and that is OK too.

Poncho Baby Nursing Cover

I unfortunately, was not fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed my son, but I did pump breast milk for the first two months. I would pump every 4 hours, 24 hours a day. What made it a little trickier is that my husband has a 9 year old son also. This meant that I always had to be careful where I pumped. If I was pumping in the living room then I would have to be sure to throw a blanket over myself so that I didn’t accidentally flash anyone!

I recently had the opportunity to review one of the Poncho Baby nursing covers. First off, let me say that I would have LOVED one of these covers when I was still pumping. So many products are made for, and marketed toward, mothers that actually breastfeed, while those of us who pump also need some sort of coverage.

Poncho Baby Cover

This cover has so much more coverage than many nursing covers on the market. It covers both your front and your back. This is great when you are nursing or pumping on any sort of open-backed chair or bench.

Another nice thing about this cover is the fact that it uses neutral colors so that the baby isn’t distracted by bright colors or patterns. The cover is made out of 100% premium muslin cotton which makes it breathable so that the baby doesn’t get too hot while they are eating. Especially if they are a slow eater like my son was.


Other benefits of the Poncho Baby Cover are:

  • You are able to still see our baby nursing while still staying covered.
  • It is compact, so it can just be tossed into a diaper bag.
  • It is made in the USA.
  • Can be used as a blanket, stroller cover, or car seat canopy.
  • After baby is no longer nursing, the cover can be used as a stylish poncho.


To order one of your own Poncho Baby Covers, visit the Poncho Baby website.

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  1. As indicated by me Breastfeeding is ordinary and regular thing, I figure ladies shouldn’t feel bashful with this even it is love among child and mother. In any case, if some lady feel dither in openly give sustain newborn child I think those should attempt this poncho Baby nursing spread.

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