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Are mornings hectic in your house? It seems that in my house we are always rushing around in the mornings. I’ll admit that often in the rush to get out the door, I neglect to make breakfast for myself. I mean, it’s not so easy to eat a waffle when you are driving the kiddos to school. 

So what am I to do? I wanted something I can take on the go with me but something that isn’t just full of sugar. 

A great solution to my problem is Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles® . These are an innovative solution to a common breakfast problem. 

These Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles®  are made with real cheddar cheese, eggs, and meat. Just pop the microwave-safe cup in the microwave for less than two minutes and you have a delicious breakfast that you can take on the go. 

I picked up several of the bacon variety in the refrigerated sliced meat section (think of where the bacon is) at your local Walmart. There is also a sausage as well as a meat lovers variety.

So I mentioned that these cups are super easy to make. The cup includes smaller cup with two pre-beaten eggs as well as a pouch with the additives. Start by opening the cup with the two beaten eggs and pouring in the main cup. Then microwave on high for approximately 40 seconds. 

Afterwards, stir in the extra ingredients and microwave again for another 40 seconds. 

These Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles® are perfect for taking in the car while I am rushing around with the kids or even to take upstairs to my office. Now I know that I a quick, delicious breakfast is so easy to make!

You can pick up Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles®  in three varieties in the refrigerated meats section at your local Walmart. 

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