Itsy Bitsy Christmas

“His name is Jesus,” explained Daniel the donkey. “God sent Him to love us, help us, and save us.”

Itsy and Bitsy were two little mice who heard that a king was supposed to come to Bethlehem. Even though Itsy and Bitsy were small, and the town of Bethlehem was ordinary, they still believed that the king was coming and that they could find him. The problem was that no one seemed to know who this king was or where he was.

After searching the city, Itsy and Bitsy came home to the stable they live in feeling dejected because they couldn’t find the king and assumed that he hadn’t come. The thing was, the King wasn’t who they expected him to be and instead of an adult riding on a camel, the King turned out to be a baby in a stable. A baby who came for everyone — even the littlest mouse!

Written by Max Lucado, Itsy Bitsy Christmas, describes the feelings that many of us have had at one point or another. We feel that our lives are too small or too ordinary for God to really care. Or, we are looking for a King in robes, when the King is actually a King in disguise.

This wonderful hardback book is available through Tommy Nelson Publishing for $14.99. Right now (and just in time for Christmas!) Tommy Nelson is giving me the opportunity to give away a copy of this book to one lucky reader. Whether you keep it for yourself or give it as a gift, this is a great book! Just enter through the form below. The giveaway runs now through 11:59 p.m. EST on November 29, 2013.




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  1. Spending time with family. It is especially exciting as my nephew (the first of the next generation) was born this year. <3

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