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Huggies Little Movers Diapers Help Prepare for the Toddler Days

by Rachel
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Huggies_Little_Movers_HeroThe toddler years can be a lot of fun. Your child is suddenly developing her or her own personality, discovering interests as well as the world around them. This means that it is also a time of learning, both for them and for you as a parent. Through the course of two children I think I’ve learned a lot of diapering lessons. Some of these lessons were small ones, however some other ones were learned in a bit messier way — in the form of wet kids’ clothes, exploded diapers, and lots of headaches!

In an effort to spare my fellow parents from learning these same hard lessons, I have compiled a list of 4 diapering lessons I have learned and how you can avoid the mistakes that I have made while still embracing and enjoying this new stage in both you and your child’s life.

Don’t focus solely on the price. Less expensive isn’t always better.

It can be tempting to buy whichever brand is on sale or whichever is cheapest. After all, all diapers are the same, right? Wrong. Whenever you are purchasing the bargain brands, you may actually be sacrificing some of the diapers’ quality in exchange for saving a few cents per diaper. This means that you might also experience more diaper leaks and diaper blow-outs — and no one wants that! Plus, you can often find coupons to help offset the cost of some of the big brand diapers such as Huggies. In addition, if you use the Ibotta app you can save an additional $4.00 when you buy Huggies at Babies”R”Us!

Not all diapers are the same.

There is a huge difference in diaper brands and even variations and styles within the same brand. This is why it is so important to pick the right diapers for your baby or toddler. 

Choose the right size for your child.

Diapers come in a variety of sizes, however, picking the right size for your child isn’t as easy as you might think. With my first son, I figured that if a diaper came in a size that fit my son, then it would work. That was one of those lessons that I ended up learning the hard way. The truth is that since children comes in all sizes, one person’s 3-month-old might weigh significantly less than another’s. This is why diapers that are designed for infants might come in a size 3 or even a size 4, which would be appropriate for some other people’s children. 

Also, if a child is straddling two diaper sizes and they tend to be a heavy wetter, they may actually need a higher size than the diaper box’s weight suggestions might suggest.

Choose the diaper style that is best for your child. 

Diapers that are designed for newborns aren’t necessarily appropriate for toddlers. Features that work for younger children aren’t really necessary for older children. 

Diapers for newborns tend to focus on their softness which is perfect for little bottoms. However, once a child is rolling, crawling, or even walking you might need a diapers that provides not only the absorbency that your child needs but also provides a secure fit which won’t gap or leak even when your child is on the move.

Now that Baby R is a year-and-a-half old, he needs a diaper that that isn’t going to leak but also that can protect him while he crawls, walks, runs, climbs, and whatever else he gets into! This is the reason that I rely on Huggies Little Movers diapers. Whenever he is wearing them, I know that he will be protected from messy leaks or blowouts. 

I also relied on Huggies Little Movers with Little E, but in the (only 2!) years between when E and Baby R started to walk, Huggies has made their Little Movers diapers even better (is that possible?). Making sure that Baby R’s diapers don’t leak is one thing that is super-important to me. (As any mom knows, changing wet clothes because of a leak when you are on the go isn’t any fun!) That’s why I absolutely love that the Huggies Little Movers now feature the NEW Dry Touch technology which absorbs wetness on contact. 

However, the Dry Touch isn’t the only feature that Huggies Little Movers have in order to keep your little one nice and dry (while also keeping the leaks at bay). The Huggies Little Movers also feature Leak Lock which provides children up to 12 hours of protection which is perfect for once children start sleeping through the night or even for long road trips. 

These two features make for Huggies’ driest feeling diaper ever. A happy baby makes for a happy mommy and daddy!

Need a first birthday idea? Make a Huggies Little Movers “Get Ready for the Toddler Days” Diaper Cake!

Finished_Diaper_CakeA baby’s first birthday can be a big deal, but they are probably the hardest to buy gifts for. The child probably has lots of toys already, and at this point he or she doesn’t have any particular interests. In this case lots of people turn to money or gift cards which can be set aside for later use. However, just tossing money or gift cards into a card can be boring. 

Instead, why not create a bit of a twist on the traditional diaper cake? Using Huggies Little Movers diapers, create a diaper cake using the Little Movers diapers. It’s pretty simple to make too.

Rolled_Diapers_TogetherJust roll a diaper and secure with a rubber band. Then, I used a large rubber band to secure all of the diapers together. You will do this for all three (or however many “layers” of cake you wish to make). You can place a piece of cardboard under the first layer to make sure that none of the rolled diapers slide out.

Straw_Supports_in_CakeI used straws to keep the cake layers secure. Otherwise, it is possible for the layers to slide or even topple over. 

Finished_Diaper_Cake2After putting all of the layers together, I wrapped a piece of ribbon around the middle of each layer to cover up the rubber bands. Like I said, it was really simple to make!

You can either fill in the center with diapers, or put a small toy or other hidden surprise in the center. Then you can put money or the gift card inside the card and attach it to the cake. I guarantee you, this will be the most creative gift at the party, and the child’s parents will appreciate the diaper supply!

Huggies_StoreAs I mentioned before, right now there is a Huggies products at Babies”R”Us, plus a promotion where you can get a Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean wipes when you purchase $50 in Huggies products.

I love the fact that Babies”R”Us really is a one stop shop when you need to purchase items for your babies and toddlers. In addition to picking up diapers, you can also stock up on other essentials such as formula, gear, baby and toddler foods, and even clothes! When I am having to tote two kids in car seats around, the more I can consolidate stops the better. It means less getting the boys in and out of the car, less trying to find a cart, and most of all less time (and gas) wasted going from store to store. 

So, fewer stops, saving time, and saving money — that sounds like a win-win to me!

Comment On: Check out the new Ibotta coupon and tell me what sort of baby item you would purchase at Babies”R”Us with the money you save?

Also, be sure to check out Huggies brand on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to find out about the latest coupons and news!

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Melanie September 14, 2015 - 8:10 pm

Such a great diaper cake! I would have definitely liked this for my kids’ first birthday! #client


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