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We all know that when we are pressed for time that McDonald’s makes great food, fast. Did you know that now now you can get that same delicious food delivered right to your doorstep? You can!

Seriously, where was this when I was in college and graduate school?

While McDelivery is relatively new here in the United States, McDonald’s actually has over two decades worth of experience with delivery in Asia and the Middle East. This means good things for us. 

As I said before, I wish this had been around when I was in college. My freshman year I didn’t have a car so getting anything other than pizza or cafeteria food was tricky. Flash forward to now and you can just get online and order through UberEats and have your food delivered right to your door! 

I did this last year when I was in New York City. The hotel I was staying at was on the outskirts of the city, and I didn’t know where to get food. So I simply got onto the UberEats app, ordered what I wanted, and it was delivered right to the front of my hotel. I could even track the food as it was being delivered!

The McDelivery service is spreading to many major cities and it is super-convenient especially when you are traveling and might not have easy access to other restaurants or know where to go to eat. Plus, you can order pretty much everything on the McDonald’s menu for delivery. 

I know that I will definitely be doing this when we head to the beach in two weeks. It is way easier than wrangle two kids into the car and go to pick up food!

To find out about McDelivery in your area, and see if your store participates, visit the McDelivery website.

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