Fun With Colors AppTechnology can be a wonderful thing. More than once E has started getting restless at a store, at a restaurant, or even at church and I have been desperate to distract him and keep him calm. I know that some parents will give their children their smartphone and let them play a game, watch a video, or do just about anything that will keep them quiet and occupied. Although I agree that smartphones can be a great resource to entertain unruly children, I feel that it is important to use this technology to help children learn something too. No zombie games or funny cat videos for my two year old…at least not yet.

It is for this reason that I am so thankful that there are quality educational games out there that I can let E play. One of these games is Fun with Colors. Designed for children ages two to five, Fun With Colors transforms learning the colors of the world into an engaging game with a variety of activities to inspire creativity and intellectual growth.

The first mini-game features a story of friendship and harmony, and incorporates interactive components and easy-to-follow narration to teach children all about primary colors and how they relate. The second game is a color-identification game, in which illustrations come to life with cute animation as kids fill-in the correct color of familiar images to help them recognize the color of objects around them. In the final game, children can paint and draw a masterpiece of their own, filled with the colors they just learned to help them become more familiar with color and inspire creativity!

Additional game features include:

  • An adorable picture book that teaches color names and more
  • Read-along that features narration in English, German, and Mandarin Chinese
  • A color identification mini-game with animated scenes and funny sound effects
  • A painting and drawing section where your child’s imagination can run free
  • Kid-friendly controls – intuitive controls don’t need to be read to be understood
  • A parent-friendly interface – no in-app purchases for accidental spending

Fun With Colors ($2.99) is available for iOS, Android, Samsung, and Amazon and has six language options including English, German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish.

I am so glad that there are games like this one on the market. I know that there are going to be lots more times when I need to keep E entertained and I am so glad to know that he will actually be learning something from the game. The only downside is that because the game involves touching and dragging it can be a little difficult for E to do by himself, but I know as he gets older this will get easier for him.

For additional information about Bastei Entertainment, please visit the company website.



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