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saarel&najim0727Having children is scary. You are constantly worried about their health and safety from the time that they are born through adulthood, and even beyond. You worry about every illness and injury, because let’s face it — these kids are your life.

I thank God everyday that my boys were born healthy. I know not everyone is so lucky.

Whether it is for hereditary conditions, accidents, or illness, it is important for me to know that I have top-notch medical care close by. I have this with Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

Cleveland Clinic Children’s is only about 4 hours away from my house which is a comfort. Thankfully, we are close by, but for families near and far the professionals at Cleveland Clinic Children’s provide comfort through refined expertise, ensuring loved ones receive the medical attention that they need.

In fact, my family has a personal connection to the care at Cleveland Clinic. More than 10 years ago, my uncle had a botched hernia surgery which resulted in a significant infection, complications, and a near-death experience. No hospital in my uncle’s native Tennessee would touch him to try and correct it. When no one else would help, the Cleveland Clinic stepped up.

They were able to repair the damage and restore his quality of life. After this life-changing experience, my family has trusted any complex to the Cleveland Clinic even for my children’s care.

saarel&najim0868In particular, Cleveland Clinic Children’s specializes in pediatric heart care. For conditions ranging anywhere from a heart defect to congenital heart disease, Cleveland Clinic Children’s physicians tailor and provide individualized care for each child. Plus, the program treats children from birth and provides care to them through adulthood.

Even if we never need the care that Cleveland Clinic Children’s provides, just knowing that top-notch care is close-by means the world to me! For more information about Cleveland Clinic Children’s visit their website or call at 216-444-KIDS.

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