It seems like children grow so fast. Well, they actually do grow fast. It seems one minute you are in the hospital delivering them and in the blink of an eye they are walking. Another blink and they are starting school. Another blink its the prom and graduation. There are so many moments that you would just love to freeze in time.

Bronzed Baby Shoes

Although you can do this through photographs and mementos, another great way to freeze one of these moments is by having your little one’s baby shoes, pacifier, or rattle bronzed. This is such a special token of a time that you will never get back.

I know a lot of people, including my husband, whose parents had their baby shoes bronzed. Some parents give the shoes to their children once the children has a child of their own, other parents keep the shoes. My parents never had my baby shoes bronzed so when The Bronzery offered me the opportunity to have Ethan’s done I jumped at the chance!

The process was really easy. What you need to do is go to The Bronzery’s website, where you will choose what sort of metal finish you would like, choose if you want the shoes mounted, and add any engraving (if applicable). After you have made your selections and checked out, all you need to do is print your order confirmation and request a prepaid mailer. Once you mail the shoes, it takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks for them to be returned.


My shoes were returned to me on Christmas Eve, which made it the perfect Christmas gift. I chose to have Ethan’s shoes done in bronze, both mounted on walnut, and an engraved plaque. I also had one of his birthstones attached to the plaque.


I think this is such an amazing keepsake and I am so glad that I had this done. The process was so smooth and painless and now I have an amazing product that I will cherish for years.

Bronzery Collage

The Bronzery doesn’t only bronze baby items, but also does children’s shoes, flat hand and foot prints, 3D hand molds, sports items, public service and military items, and pet items. I know that if I ever need anything bronzed again this is where I will be going!



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