It took my son until he was about 8 months old to actually hold his bottle by himself. He was quite happy just having me hold the bottle for him. I guess he felt that if mom was there then there wasn’t much incentive for him to hold the bottle himself. Not to mention, that by me holding the bottle was able to get a little snuggle. Smile

Bottle Pets are a way to make feeding fun. These bottle covers conveniently fit around almost all baby bottles (I use both Dr. Brown’s and MAM) and help to insulate the liquid inside. By using the Bottle Pet, it makes the bottle easier to hold, and also makes feeding time something that baby will enjoy.

The best part is that in addition to being a bottle cover the Bottle Pet is also a stuffed animal. When little ones are done using bottles they can continue to use it! It’s a 2-in1!

My initial concern was that E isn’t always a very neat eater, and I worried about the Bottle Pet would get milk on it, and quite frankly, I was worried it would end up stinking. But, the Bottle Pet is machine washable so if it gets messy you can just toss it in the wash.


To use the pet all you need to do is to open the flaps at the bottom of the pet, and with the cap still on the bottle, slide the bottle onto the pet and make sure the nipple is all the way through the pet’s mouth.

These Bottle Pets are available online for $16.95 through the Bottle Pets website. If you are feeling lucky though, you can win one right here! I am giving away one Bottle Pet to one lucky reader. There are ten entries available and this contest will run until 11:59 pm EST on December 14, 2012. Open to US residents.

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