0ef0488df745d35de2f4e32216efb97cLife can be unexpected and even, at times, heartbreaking, but despite life’s uncertainty there are also unexpected blessings. This is a theme that is explored in Beverly Lewis’ book, The Love Letters.

The main characters in the book should have been planning a wedding to her Old Order Amish beau when instead she has been thrust into helping her widowed grandmother and being caretaker to her recently-deceased sister’s infant daughter. Her whole life has suddenly been turned upside down. 

Small Jay is the small, handicapped son of Marlena’s grandmother’s next door neighbor. He struggles to be accepted by his father and help around the farm like other boys his age. He is struggling to find his place in a society where differences aren’t necessarily celebrated.

Boston is a drifter who has taken shelter in the old mill down the road. Other than his dog, Allegro, and a bag full of old love letters, Boston knows nothing about his past. 

Through the course of the book, the characters are not only changed spiritually but also encounter untold blessings which arise from those unanticipated circumstances. Although not an action-packed thriller, The Love Letters is a heartwarming novel which highlights the importance of family, friendship, and Christian faith. It once again shows us that God really down have the perfect plan for those who trust in Him.

‘For I have plans for you,’ declares the LORD. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. To give you hope and a future.’ Jeremiah 29:11

I found this novel refreshing since it has the sort of family values and Christian morals that are lacking in so many other media these days. I have been reading Beverly Lewis’ novels since I was young. Maybe since I am from Pennsylvania that the Amish-themed novels really interest me. However, I think they are all beautifully written and are inspiring. Needless to say, I am looking forward to Ms. Lewis’ next novel as well!

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