BoxTopsOnTableEducation is important to all children — no matter what school district or neighborhood they live in. The unfortunate truth is that for some students who live in underprivileged areas, the poverty they experience at home can also carry over to the classroom.

In school districts where it might be financially difficult for parents to donate extra supplies to the classroom, there is another option. By collecting and donating Box Tops for Education to a student’s classroom it helps provide the school with money for school supplies.

For every Box Top donated, a school receives 10 cents. With every student brining in Box Tops, this can really add up!

My older son won’t start school until next year, but I have already started saving, and setting aside, Box Tops for his school. I have created a small canister where, when a product has a Box Top, I just put the Top in the canister.

The great thing about Box Tops for Education is that I don’t have to do much special — just buy the products that I would anyway. All it takes is a little extra work to cut the Box Top off the box.

I love it when I can get bonus Box Tops on our products. It’s getting even more bang for your buck!

Right now, just in time for Back to School, there is a great General Mills campaign where you can get four bonus Box Tops on select General Mills products. This means you get the regular Box Top plus a bonus certificate for four additional Box Tops.

BoxesInCartThe boys and I headed out to our local Walmart to pick up several boxes of these specially-marked boxes of General Mills products — in particular fruit snacks, granola bars, and yogurt. It felt great to know that not only were we buying products that we need (and love!) but also are helping the boys’ school.

The donated Box Tops will be used by the school to purchase supplies, update equipment, or even fund after school programs. The best part is that not just students and their parents can donate Box Tops, but so can grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even community members. Just cut the Box Top off of the product and deliver it to the school.

No matter where your student goes to school, or what sort of needs the school district has, we can all do our part to make sure that students have the tools they need to succeed by collecting, and donating, Box Tops for Education to our local school district.

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