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I am still on my organizing journey, and this week I decided to take on E’s play area in our living room. On any given day at our house you can expect to find our living room in disarray. Blocks are scattered around. The books are out. Stuffed animals laying every which way. We have a toy box, but things would just get thrown in it in the evening and everything was mixed up.

Since E could only reach the top of the box, he would really only play with a few toys that were easy to reach and the rest just fell to the bottom of the box. This is when I realized that something needed to be done. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on this endeavor, so I got creative.


To begin, I bought a ClosetMaid 9-Cube Organizer. You can get these from a variety of places including Amazon, Target, and other major retailers. You can also get the cube organizers from different retailers. You can sometimes even find them at the dollar store. I organized specific groups of toys into each of the bins. I put Peekaboo blocks in one of the cubes, soft toys in another, Little People in another, wooden toys in a fourth, and in the last cube I put toys that didn’t really fit in any of the other categories.


E also has a lot of books so I organized the books by putting his small books into one of Thirty One’s organizing totes. Larger books were put in a separate cube.

This special play area is located in the corner of our living room. I decided to additionally define this space by creating the “PLAY” sign. It was super easy and I was able to do it in under $5.

Want to make a sign for yourself? Click here to see how I did it!

Have you tried organizing your children’s toys? How quickly are your kids able to tear apart a room?

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  1. Ah! That puppy in the top picture. He’s creepy. We have one, and have only kept it because my kids like it, but when it says, “Hug me!” it’s a little awkward.

    Love your use of the cube storage! Those things are so handy for separating out the different kinds of toys.

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