Little E Making Shamrock Stamps from PeppersWith St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I have been coming up with fun crafts and sensory activities to do with the boys. This is a great way to not only celebrate the holiday but also to expose the boys to different sensations. One of these activities is painting bell pepper shamrocks.

In the fall, at Little E’s preschool they made pictures using apples. With this in mind, I decided to name some St. Patrick’s Day bell pepper shamrocks. If you slice a bell pepper in half, you will notice that it makes the outline of a shamrock.

Green Bell Pepper with Green Tempra Paint on itWhat is also nice about the sliced pepper is that it gives the boys a really wide grip in order to use it. Even Baby R was able to use it as a stamper with no problem.

Sliced Bell Pepper Dipped in tray of green paintAfter slicing the pepper, I also prepared a tray of washable tempra paint. This can be a bit of a messy activity so you want to be able to have an easier clean up! You will want to spread the paint around with the pepper to make sure all of the edges are coated. Then, all you have to do is stamp the pepper and you will have an outline of a shamrock!

The boys had a great time making all sorts of stamped shamrocks and experimenting with how the outlines looks with different amounts of paint.

Baby R Holding Up Pepper With Paint on ItBaby R was really happy that he was able to participate in this activity too, since sometimes the things that Little E and I do together are too old for him. He, along with Little E, had a great time making pictures for their Nana and Pap. They even made one for their Nannie, who is actually from Ireland.

Little E stamping the sliced peppersFinished projectThese St. Patrick’s Day bell pepper shamrocks are a great activity for preschoolers and it also gives them something really cute to put on the refrigerator!

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