Ok, I am not good with remembering to take prescriptions. I think the only one in recent memory that I have been compliant with was my prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant. When it is someone else’s medicine, I am even worse.

I had to take my dog to the vet today. Apparently in the past couple of days she “ate something that wasn’t food” and well, to put it nicely it wrecked her digestive system. The vet gave me two prescriptions. One we have to give her a pill three times a day and the other we have to give her twice a day. Right. In between taking care of a rambunctious 1 year old and being a stay at home mom, remembering to give the dog her medicine is the last thing on my mind.

That is where products like the Rx Timer Cap are lifesavers. Instead of me asking myself “Did I take that medicine today?” or “Have I taken one dose or two?” With my own prescriptions, such as when I have a sinus infection, I will often have to count back to figure out how many doses I should have taken and then see how many are left to make sure I took my medicine.

The Rx Timer CapTM has a built in LCD timer that is activated when the cap is put on a container. At that moment, a sensor detects the container and a built-in battery energizes the LCD display and the timing circuitry. Like a stopwatch, the display on the cap counts-up the hours and minutes since the cap was replaced. When you open the cap to take your medication, the display shuts off and the timing circuitry resets back to zero.

Since the cap tells me when I took my last dose, I will know if I took my morning dose, afternoon dose, or evening dose. I will also know if I need to give the dog her medicine!

There are many different vial sizes and even different thread types which makes it impossible to have a “one cap fits all” option. When you buy Rx Timer Caps directly from us, we also include the vials (along with a blank label).

Since the caps aren’t meant to be reusable, what I do is get a bottle that is a little bigger than my prescription bottle and put one bottle inside the other. That way you can make the timer cap last a little longer.

Speaking of lasting, the battery is designed to operate the cap so it will last up to one year in continuous operation or two years in standby. Batteries cannot be changed since the cap was designed to be disposable. To maximize the functional life of the caps, the display is designed to “sleep” when the caps have not been opened for more than 100 hours. The display will automatically reactivate as soon as the cap is opened and closed, which resets the timer.

If you want to try the Rx Timer cap you can either order from the company’s website, or if you are feeling lucky, you can try to win one! I am giving away one Rx Timer cap (worth $9.95) to one of my lucky readers. Good luck!

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