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WaterWipes_title2Both of my sons take after me and have sensitive skin. Baby R probably has the more sensitive out of the two of them. I realized this when he was young and he developed fairly severe diaper rash. In fact, this diaper rash was so bad (from going to the bathroom so much) that it actually began to bleed. I hated having to wipe his little bottom because the alcohol in the baby wipes would make him scream. 

I turned to using disposable washcloths. The only problem is that they are more expensive and I also had to make the solution for them. I wished that there was another option. 

Newborn babies’ skin is really sensitive. Even things as simple as as fragrances, dyes, or chemicals that wouldn’t bother an adult’s skin could cause a reaction in an infant. Since both of the boys have sensitive skin it has made me much more conscious about the products that I use on them. I don’t like the idea of using a lot of chemicals or even perfumes and dyes. I would much rather take a more natural route.

What could be more natural than water?

WaterWipes, a premium European company, are finally available in the United States. What I love about these WaterWipes are that they provide a more natural, chemical free alternative to traditional baby wipes. 

WaterWipes3Since WaterWipes are made of only 99.9% purified water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract, they contain no preservatives. The package will keep for up to 15 months before it is opened, however, once you open the package you should use the wipes within one month. Trust me, if your kids go through wipes like mine do, then that won’t be a problem!

When you open the WaterWipes package you will notice (beside the fact that these wipes don’t have any dyes or fragrances) that they are not interfolded. This allows the sterile environment inside the wipes package to remain sterile. This is why WaterWipes recommends that you not remove the wipes and put them in an alternate container.

So where can you buy them?

unnamed-85unnamed-86Since WaterWipes aren’t available in all major retailers yet, you can use the WaterWipes store locator to find the store nearest to you that carries the wipes. I was able to purchase the wipes at our local GIANT location. The WaterWipes are located in the same isle as the regular baby wipes.

I am so glad that retailers such as GIANT carry WaterWipes instead of having to go to specialty stores in order to get them. As a mom, these are something I feel completely confident using on my kids and I am sure, after trying them, you will feel the same way!

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