I received a review copy of this book to facilitate my review, however, all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

withoutrivalI am constantly in a battle with myself. Ever since I was young I have always compared myself to others. I always felt that I needed to be more. A better mother. A better blogger. A better everything.

The thing is, no matter how hard I tried I was never the best at everything. There was always someone who was better than some aspect of my life. I shed many tears over this. Many tears. It was exhausting trying to live up to the perceived expectations I was under. I knew that there had to be more to life than this.

Eventually I came to realize that this envy is the work of the Devil. It is meant to tear us apart and keep us from forming the deep connections that God wants for us.

I recently had the opportunity to review the book Without Rival by Lisa Bevere. In this book, Bevere explores a topic that many of us struggle with — comparison and competition. Many of us are struggling with the same thing that I did — feelings of insecurity and inferiority.

Without Rival shares how God’s love transcends these feelings of inadequacy and teaches us how to stop seeing others as rivals and instead see them as intimate connections.

I love that author Lisa Bevere uses her own real life experiences and trials to illustrate how to break down rivalries and boost your own feelings of confidence. Instead, she guides use on how to use rivalry to bring out the best in ourselves.

The idea of living life without having to fear what others thing of me, without feeling inferior, is an exciting prospect. The idea is freeing. This book allows readers the opportunity to step up in life and life life without rival.

You can purchase Without Rival at your local Family Christian bookstore or at FamilyChristian.com.

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