Burgh Baby Diaper Drive

Diapers are expensive. I know I’ve complained about paying $10 for a bag of diapers and have scoured the Web to find good deals. But what if you were a mom who couldn’t afford diapers? What if you were forced to choose between buying diapers and buying food? Or between diapers and heat?

This heartbreaking choice is a reality for some mothers. In fact, “diaper deprivation” is a serious problem affecting 1 in 3 American mothers (according to a study sponsored by Huggies). Without an amble supply of diapers, babies must wear a soiled diaper too long. This can ultimately lead to skin issues and even urinary tract infections, not to mention emotional issues. What makes it even harder is that public assistance doesn’t cover the cost of diapers.

As a mom myself, I hate knowing that there are good mothers out there struggling to provide what’s best for their children. That’s why diaper banks such as the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank are so vital. These diaper banks strive to bring public awareness of dipper deprivation as a cirsis in our region, through partnering with other non-profit agencies, faith-based institutions, and childcare providers; for distribution to families and individuals in need.

Looking for a way to give back to Pittsburgh’s smallest citizens?

Pittsburgh is also stepping up to help collect both diapers themselves as well as the funds to purchase diapers through the Burgh Baby Diaper Drive. The drive, a partnership between the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank, the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank and DiaryofaFirstTimeMom.com, runs from February 1 to 28. To make an online contribution or to find a list of drop off locations, visit the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank’s website. This diaper bank serves all of Western Pennsylvania, so anyone from the surrounding areas can benefit from it, not just those in Pittsburgh.

As moms, let’s band together and not only support other moms in need, but also help the littlest citizens we aren’t able to help themselves. 

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