Hi, I’m Rachel and I admit that I am a sucker for animals. In fact, I have two cats. I love my cats and want the best for them. However, I also realize that there are animals that aren’t as fortunate as my two. There are thousands of animals waiting in shelters all over the country waiting for their forever families. 

While I know that I have all of the pets I can handle at this time, I also know that there are things that I can do to help support my local animal shelter. My shelter, such as many other ones, has a very small budget and runs solely on donations and volunteers. 

This is why I came up with some ideas for ways that people can give back to their shelters and therefore help the animals. 

Things to donate.

  • Old blankets and sheets. The shelters can use these for bedding in the kennels.
  • Gift cards. Gift cards to office supply stores can be used for office materials and gift cards to pet stores or large retailers can be used to purchase supplies for the animals.
  • Cat food. Sometimes you buy cans of pet food but your pet doesn’t like it. Donate the excess to the animal shelter so other pets can benefit from it. 
  • Monetary donations. Even small donations can go a long way for helping animal shelters, many of which are run on a very small budget.

Things you can do.

  • If your local animal shelter is doing any benefits such as golf outings, benefit walks, or even guest bartending, you can help out by attending.
  • When thinking about getting a pet, be sure to visit your local shelter first. There are tons of animals that need a forever homes and you might be able to give them that.
  • Purchase Cat’s Pride® cat litter. For every green jug of litter purchased, Cat’s Pride® will donate a pound of litter to animals in need.

Did you know that helping animals is only a pet aisle away. One of my favorite litters is Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® from the two Ultimate Care products (in the green jug).

I know that this litter not only controls odor, has strong clumping, and low dust. The best part is, however, that I can sign up for the free Cat’s Pride Club and nominate my local animal shelters for the litter donation. In addition, the Cat’s Pride Club offers valuable coupons and incentives throughout the year, as well as updates on the program donations and shelter highlights. 

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