Are you looking for a crafty way to wrap all of those Christmas gifts? Every year I say I want to create some of those cute gift tags, but then every year I seem to run out of time. That’s why I decided that this would be the year that I would try it — plus, I can always use a little extra glitter in my life!

Darby_Smart_Gap_BoxI recently had the opportunity to try out the new limited edition gift wrapping set by Darby Smart and the Gap. There are so many adorable things that you can do with this set, but I decided to use it as an inspiration to make some handmade glittery gift tags.

Decorating_ElementsThe gift set comes with kraft wrapping paper, silver glitter washi tape, baker’s twine, wooden gift tags, designer gift tags, and a metallic pen. I began by wrapping my gift in the kraft paper.

SuppliesI then used one of my rubber stamps, Mod Podge glue, glitter, and some paper gift tags. You will want to choose a stamp that will fit well on the tag. I found one stamp that said “NOEL” and another one with a Christmas ornament that I will use the for the project.

Glue_on_StampUse your finger to put some of the Mod Podge onto the surface of the stamp. Make sure that you cover all of the ridges. This will ensure that you get all of the detail in the ornament.

Tag_With_GlueNext you will want to press the stamp onto the card. Make sure to press hard enough that you get all of the stamp to touch the paper. Otherwise you will be missing parts of your image.

After you have the outline of the stamp in glue on the tag, sprinkle enough glitter to cover all of the glue. You might have to jiggle the tag around to get the glitter to spread evenly. 

Writing_on_TagsAfter you have put the glitter on and the tag has dried, use a silver pen to write who the gift is to and who it is from. The silver will stand out nicely on the bright red tag. Use the bakers twine and secure the tag to the package and you will have the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family!


You can check out this wrapping set along with tons of other craft ideas and supplies at Darby Smart.

Note: As a Darby Smart designer, I received a complimentary Gap wrapping set, however, all ideas are strictly my own.


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