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These are dark times we live in. On the surface there is much to be feared — shootings, wars, and civil unrest. Nothing is a given. It can be overwhelming, but here is the cool part, as Christians we don’t have to fear the unknown. In fact, we don’t need to fear at all. 

I admit that I often let fear control me. I struggle with anxiety and knowing that God is in control. Here’s the thing though, it’s totally normal. The Bible speaks frequently of worrying and specifically addresses the fact that we don’t need to worry about the future because God will be there to take care of us. Luke 12:15 (NIV) states “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?  Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?

The truth is, fear is very common. This is why on Francesca Battistelli’s new album Own It, she includes “The Breakup Song.” I was really able to relate to this song since I have struggled in the past. It reminded me that no matter what we face, God is always bigger and has the problem already handled before we even say “amen.”

Along the same lines as “The Breakup Song” is the song “Royalty.” While we struggle with fear, we often also struggle with feelings of inadequacy. How could the One who created the universe also care about our problems? The truth is, we are all valuable to Him (Matthew 6:26), in fact we are His children so we are royalty. Even on my lowest days, I am reminded who I am the child of and who is the ruler of the world.

I am royalty.

Francesca’s album really speaks to me as it calls out some of the things I struggle with the most. These are things that many Christians struggle with and instead of  hiding our doubts and fears, it is time to confront them.

I’m sure that you are already familiar with Francesca Battistelli. She has one GRAMMY® win and four career GRAMMY nominations, as well as two K-LOVE Fan Awards, six Dove Awards, including being named the Gospel Music Association’s Artist of the Year, a Gold album and two Gold certified singles. With total on-demand streams exceeding 228 million, YouTube views of 50 million, and total equivalent albums of two million, this singer/songwriter continues to be one of the strongest voices in Christian music.

The followup to the 2014 album, If We’re Honest, Own It features ten new tracks, nine of which were written by Francesca. These tracks include:

  1. The Breakup Song
  2. The Very Best
  3. Love Somebody
  4. Royalty
  5. This Could Change Everything
  6. As Good As It Gets
  7. You Belong
  8. Let The Light In
  9. Defender (feat. Steffany Gretzinger)
  10. Freedom

The world may be dark, but we are meant to be a light (John 1:5). We need to shake off the shackles of fear and insecurity, because honestly, why are we fighting battles that have already been won?

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