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Each year trick-or-treating always poses a challenge. Not only do I have to get home from work and get the boys off the bus, but I also have to squeeze in some sort of dinner before getting them dressed in their costumes and getting out the door. Red Baron pizza to the rescue!

Once the boys get off the school bus, I have less than an hour and a half to get everything together. This is especially a struggle since my boys are picky eaters. in all the chaos I honestly don’t have time to be making a bunch of different meals. Since pizza is one of the few meals everyone can agree on, thank goodness there is Red Baron pizza.

Red Baron is the perfect solution to the Halloween Trick-or-Treat chaos. My family particularly enjoys the Classic Crust pizza but Red Baron Brick Oven pizza is also a great change of pace. The Classic Crust pizza is not too thick, not too thin, and has a crispy, airy, and flaky layered crust. The Brick Oven pizza has a unique, crispy, bubbly, golden brown crust topped with premium cheeses, robust sauces, and hearty toppings.

Both varieties offer a great selection of different flavors, so there is bound to be something that your whole family can agree on.

This Halloween season I know that I’ll be prepared by having several varieties of Red Baron pizza on hand.

To find out more about Red Baron pizza, and where you can purchase it, visit the Red Baron website.

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