Bamboobies Nursing Pads

You just had a baby and have decided to breastfeed. As you will quickly find out, a breastfeeding staple are nursing pads. These pads help absorb any milk that may leak as well as protecting potentially sore nipples. It also helps to prevent any embarrassing leakage and wet shirts that may come from a letdown, or when your breasts are full.

There are two types of pads you can choose from, the disposable kind or the washable kind. The disposables are individually wrapped and are papery. They also feature an adhesive strip to hold them to your bra. The washable pads are usually made of cotton and can be washed and reused. They come in different shapes, thicknesses, and even different patterns!

I tend to prefer the washable pads over the disposable ones because I’ve found that the disposables tend to be scratchier, and I’m sensitive to things like that. In addition, the washable pads can save you a lot of money!

One of the brands of washable nursing pads that I like the most are Bamboobies. These nursing pads are made of ultra-soft organic cotton and bamboo rayon velour, with an inner layer of help and organic cotton making these pads not only ultra-absorbant but also eco-friendly. 

Regular Bamboobies

What I love is that these pads are nice and thin so that they don’t show lines through your clothes. They are also super smooth so they don’t feel lumpy against your skin. I was worried at first that I might leak through the pads because they are so thin, but I was pleasantly surprised that the milk-proof outer layer actually worked!

Overnight Bamboobies

If you do leak a lot, Bamboobies makes overnight pads which are made of the same materials and are the same quality, but just larger and thicker.

Chic Nursing Shawl

In addition to nursing pads, Bamboobies also offers the Bamboobies Brahhh for night nursing and the Chic Nursing Shawl (which I personally love!).

You can purchase overnight Bamboobies, regular Bamboobies, or combination packs on the Bamboobies website. As a special for World Breastfeeding Week (valid August 1 through August 7) you can try a pair of regular Bamboobies nursing pads for FREE — all you have to pay is shipping! In addition, if you use the coupon code THIRDSTOP20 you can take 20% off of any non sale Bamboobies products!




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