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I’m so excited — its almost Halloween. You have to understand, I REALLY love fall. I am a fan of everything the season has to offer — the cooler weather, the boots, pumpkin, and of course, Halloween.

Each year I celebrate the holiday by doing all of the traditional things such as decorating the house, visiting haunted houses, and of course, trick-or-treating. In the past several years I’ve even gotten into making BOO Kits. These are the adorable baskets or buckets that people create and give to teachers, neighbors, or family in hopes that they will pass along the gesture.

This year I decided to make a BOO Bucket for Ethan’s teacher, and filled it with candy from the MARS® Bat Bag from Sam’s Club.

I wanted this BOO Bucket to be something the teacher could use in the classroom so I decided to get creative and made a Witch’s Feet Cauldron.

Making a Witch’s Feet BOO Kit Cauldron

You will need a few supplies before getting started on this Witch’s Feet Cauldron. You will need:

  • Black plastic cauldron
  • Xacto (or utility) knife
  • 2 pieces of 12-inch PVC pipe
  • Tubular foam pieces
  • Old boots
  • Tall, striped socks

I began by finding a pair of old boots at our local thrift store. They were originally tan, but I spray painted them black and added orange polka dots.

Next, I turned over the black plastic cauldron and cut several slits into the bottom of it. You will want to make these slits large enough that you can push the PVC pipe through it. This will be the stabilizer for the legs.

After you have the PVC pipe in, you can add the bulk of the legs using either some tubular foam, or even a pool noodle, that would fill out the socks.

Slip the PVC pipe into the boots. Depending on the design of the boots, you might want to use clay as a stabilizer for the PVC pipe.

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Next, you will want to fill the bucket with some delicious candy. The MARS® Bat Bag available at Sam’s Club has 450 pieces of candy and would be perfect for the job. The best part is, there is so much candy that you can BOO in bulk — meaning that you could buy candy in bulk and fill several BOO Kits. Plus, these large packs allow you to get more for your budget.

Ready to shop for some BOOtastic candy? Hover over the photo to click through to to purchase!

There are two specially marked bags, the MARS® Bat Bag and the MARS® Mad Scientist bag which come with a great variety of BOOing essentials on a budget. You can purchase these candy bags, as well as other Halloween essentials, at your local Sam’s Club.

You can also accompany the BOO Kit with things such as gift bags and cards letting the recipient know that they have been BOOed. It is a fun and lighthearted way to celebrate the season.

Comment On: Who would you make one of these BOO Kits for? Would you make it for friends, family, or even teachers?

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