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Blue Dell Complex in Irwin: Eat, Swim, and See a Movie

Large public swimming pools and drive-in movie theaters were very popular in the 1950s and 1960s. It wasn’t unusual for towns to have several of each. With four different drive-ins as well as a 1.5 million gallon public pool, Irwin had both.  The Blue Dell was located three miles east of McKeesport along the Lincoln …

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Rediscovering Latrobe’s Hi-Way Drive-In

Drive-in theaters used to be commonplace. People would pack the family in the car, pull into a spot, and clip the portable speaker on the window. Over the years, changes came to drive-ins such as listening to the audio over the radio and most recently digital movies, however, I think it is the fact that drive-ins haven’t changed much is what is the allure.

Whether it is because the large swaths of land are more lucrative to be sold for redevelopment, or whether it is too expensive to upgrade to the new technology, or maybe people just aren’t going out to movies as much, slowly drive-ins have been disappearing.

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